“There’s a glitch in the system, God”- Daniel Spencer

The things that I know bounce off me

Like fluorescent light off the backs of moths

And in the evening I know nothing-

I float like moons and suns.

We do not know what is ours.

I carry in me the confusion of many faceless things-

Of things looked at but not seen.

I am learning not to hoard darkness-

Not to make my body a temple of hurt

but I have doors in me that close and open.

Is that where the weight comes from?


Sometimes when my mind wanders off

in the afternoon,

I see myself teaching my daughter to wear thorns on her skin.

“When you feel the unwanted stares of men,

When they breathe upon you- too close for comfort;

Douse yourself in kerosene.

Set yourself on fire.”

She asks me ,”why?”

I mumble something in…

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